Dr. Li Zonghai gave speech at CAR-T TCR 2016 Annual Summit
Global professionals from Novartis, Juno, Kite, Bluebird, Adaptimmune specializing in CAR-TCR have gathered together in Boston, USA from Sept.13 to Sept.16 for the CAR-TCR Summit 2016.
As invited speaker, Dr. Li gave a speech briefing how CARsgen Therapeutics is progressing in antibody screening, next-generation CAR-T technology, novel safety switch, and in particular, the latest updates on pre-clinical and clinical study of EGFR-targeting CAR-T. This is the only report with proved efficacy of CAR-T cells on solid tumors in the conference, which is a great boost for solid tumors CAR-T therapies. The innovative advances of CARsgen Therapeutics signify that China has gained new achievement in CAR-T therapies.
News from CAR-TCR Summit 2016
The 2016 annual CAR-TCR Summit  convened international community both in industry and academia, including Novartis, Kite, Juno, Bellicum, Bluebird, Addaptimmue, Autolous, CARsgen, Eureka and Food and Drug Administration.
Clinical progress of CD19-CAR-T was highlighted in the conference. As planned, Kite will start the Biologic License Application (BLA) filing in late 2016, followed by Novartis’ BLA filing in early 2017. Juno has to delay its progress for its clinical deaths. China’s CARsgen, the global leader in solid tumor CAR-T, firstly reported its efficacy proved study of CAR-T therapies on solid tumors.
In terms of technology, various bio-pharmas provided updates on targets development, antibody discovery, safety switch, next-generation CAR-T, cells manufacturing etc. FDA officials also shared information on CAR-T clinical filing and clinical regulations.